Healthy nutrition - with eggs from Deutsche Frühstücksei!
It has been scientifically proven that eggs make an important contribution to human nutrition. They are chock-full of high-value, easy-to-digest nutrients. If even this isn’t healthy enough for you, you can still resort to the "functional food" provided by our organically-farmed products.

Eat eggs – stay healthy!


High-value nutrients in your Favourite Egg
Eggs contain proteins with a high proportion of essential amino acids, fats with unsaturated fatty acids, vital trace elements and every vitamin except vitamin C. Eggs are also a source of many mineral substances, including calcium, selenium and iron.

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Organic products

Your organically-produced Favourite Egg
There is a strong demand for organic products. However, some of the items supplied aren’t truly organic. But ours definitely are! The organic logo and labelling on our organic egg boxes clearly identify the contents as being German-produced eggs from organically-farmed hens – guaranteed!

Links to “Bio” seal of approval:
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Functional Food

Your Favourite Egg as a “Functional Food”
The term “Functional Food” is used to refer to products that have been specifically enriched with such valuable nutrients as omega-3 fatty acids. Clinical, experimental and epidemiological research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids are a major contributor in the prevention of arterial sclerosis and coronary illness.

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