Quality and freshness - guaranteed!
Nothing is more important to us than food quality. In order to guarantee this in the long-term, Deutsche Frühstücksei operates comprehensive systems of quality control. These include both internal and integrated production along with external controls such as IFS, KAT and others.

Quality management for reliable eggs and egg products.

German eggs

Quality “Made in Germany”
The manifold inspection and monitoring mechanisms applied in Germany make the country one of the most reliable when it comes to quality, making the “Eggs from Germany” designation a guarantee of both maximum product-quality and freshness.

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Product safety

The KAT mark is the seal of product safety
The KAT test is the most important inspection hurdle that eggs from alternative hen-farming systems have to pass, both in Germany and other EU countries. It is designed to ensure the end-to-end control and monitoring of egg quality, from limited free range, free range and organic sources alike. KAT testing means that consumers can be sure where their eggs come from.

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Where does my Favourite Egg come from?
Find out where your breakfast egg comes from. The tracking system makes it possible! The specific objective is to ensure traceability in accordance with European Union Regulation 178/2002.

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