Our “My Favourite Egg” line is just as versatile as you!
Consumers love their daily egg! But they are becoming more and more demanding with regard to the many things that they expect from their food products.

DF’s “My Favourite Egg” line is designed to match this need exactly!
“Favourite” eggs are
  • obtained from monitored, fully-traceable egg production sources
  • fresh, rich in nutrients and deliciously flavoured
  • available from all housing systems
  • marketed in two pack sizes
  • immediately recognisable on the supermarket shelf
In short: favourite by name and favourite by nature!

For use in baking

Favourite Eggs for use in baking
Eggs and baking go together, as any experienced cook will tell you. Eggs are what give bread, cakes and other baked foods their proper consistence and flavour.

Feel like doing some baking?
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For breakfast

Favourite Eggs for breakfast
Breakfast in bed? Good idea, but don't forget the breakfast egg! Enjoy your daily egg without worrying about your diet. This oval-shaped jewel is a little fitness machine, full of valuable nutrients.

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Add a special touch to meals

Favourite Eggs add that special touch to meals
There's something missing! Everyone has had that feeling when making a meal!
An egg is what you often need to fill that gap and add that special touch to meals. In whatever form you use them, eggs are indispensable for adding that special touch to meals.

Add that special touch to your meal
with our product range!
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