The result - fresh, top-quality eggs and egg products
Laid today – on your table tomorrow.

Each egg farm has its own packing plant. This is what gives us our unique advantage where freshness is concerned. The egg is often on the customer’s table within just twelve hours of being laid.

The results are easy to see: fresh, full-flavoured eggs of excellent quality – clearly marked to identify their origin. We market only fresh Deutsche Frühstücksei eggs produced on our own farms.
We market only fresh "Deutsche Frühstücksei eggs" produced on our own farms. The identification of eggs allows their origin to be reliably tracked right back to where they were produced, on our egg farm.

Egg products supplied by OVOBEST

Our subsidiary, OVOBEST, manufactures premium egg products for the international food sector. It supplies – in addition to liquid products such as whole egg, egg white and egg yolk (made with or without added ingredients and in all common packaging formats and sizes) – a wide range of powdered items and products with properties designed to meet the specific functional needs of our customers’ manufacturing processes.