Quality builds trust - in the best food products!
Fresh hen eggs have always been one of nature’s most valuable sources of nutrition. Each egg contains around seven grams of protein, six grams of fat, approximately one gram of carbohydrate, numerous mineral substances, unsaturated fatty acids and virtually every vitamin, along with essential amino acids. It therefore comes as no surprise to know that German consumers get through an average of 214 eggs a year each (2010 figures)!

Thanks to the very latest technology and advanced logistics, Deutsche Frühstücksei is able to provide its customers, and therefore also end consumers, with a fresh, daily, top-quality supply of this unique and essential food product.

Meticulous market research and a careful matching of quality management to the results obtained have helped turn Deutsche Frühstücksei into a market leader. This is of special satisfaction to us, as it amply confirms the wisdom of our decision to take an integrated approach to egg production.

As such, our group of companies includes our own mixed feed manufacturing facility, a hatchery, breeding and rearing facilities, and our own egg-farm operations. As a result of our vertical integration, we can easily keep track of the origin of our products and be certain that strict quality-control procedures are applied at each stage of our egg production – from feed distribution and hen rearing to the final delivery of the eggs produced.

Sustainability - for us, this is the measure of all things!

We are fully aware that long-term corporate success is possible only through sustainable development. We face up to this challenge time and time again in order to ensure that viable long-term progress on the economic front goes hand-in-hand with ecological and social sustainability.

This means that the production of innovative, successful food products depends as much on proper attention to animal welfare and the environment as it does on the deployment of a satisfied, well-trained workforce with good, individual job prospects.

Only in this way is it possible for us to offer exactly what the market and the consumer rightly demand:

Tasty, quality-monitored, naturally-fresh eggs and egg products from sustainably-reared hens!
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