Phase 6 - Our own egg production farms
Eggs from healthy hens

Our hen farms are all equipped with the latest technological innovations, including full air-conditioning, and are designed to operate in an environment-friendly way. At the same time, the seamless “inline system” installed on each farm ensures short and fast production times. The freshly-laid eggs immediately drop gently onto the conveyor belt, which takes them to the computer-controlled sorters where they are classified by weight fully automatically before being packed and distributed – with constant monitoring occurring along the way.

This is important to ensure perfect product quality right from an early stage. Thus begins the cycle of egg inspections, starting on the conveyor belts that run up to the collection tables, and applying equally to the illuminated checking points, computer-controlled sorters and final pre-shipment checks.

The results are easy to see: fresh, flavoursome, firm-shelled eggs of excellent quality– in short: true Deutsche Frühstücksei eggs, just how we like them to be!