Phase 5 - Our in-house pullet-growing programme
Designed for animals’ well-being

The day-old chicks go on to grow for the first 18 weeks of their life on one of our eight breeding farms. In order to maintain maximum quality at this stage, all our breeding farms are located near our egg production farms. This helps keep transport to a minimum, which has a positive effect on both production-time management and, not least of all, the health of our livestock.
For reasons of hygiene, birds are handled only by our own suitably-trained and qualified personnel as they are carefully transferred, using our own fleet of vehicles, from the breeding farm to the corresponding laying farm. The vehicles used for transport are equipped with special ventilation and cooling systems designed to ensure the maximum-possible comfort and well-being of the young birds.
The birds are thus largely protected from the stress associated with transfer to the egg production farm, and their optimum laying performance is not affected. Only young, vigorous hens from our own breeding programme are capable of delivering the constantly good, lifelong laying performance required by Deutsche Frühstücksei.