Deutsche Frühstücksei - Quality builds trust!

Buying fresh food is a matter of trust. From the production of feed and raising of our laying hens to the transport of freshly-laid eggs, every step in the process is monitored in accordance with our high standards of quality.

We build healthy trust. Reliability you can taste.

A strong partner!
From its beginnings in Berlin in 1990, Deutsche Frühstücksei has developed into one of Europe’s biggest egg-producing and marketing organisations thanks to both organic growth and acquisitions ...
As flexible as you need it to be!
Our wide range of eggs offers something for every target-group of consumers. Produced on the basis of animal-friendly housing systems and subject to the very strictest monitoring measures, our top-quality eggs are sent out for distribution in attractively-designed, colourful packaging ...
Our recipe for success.
Integrated production allows us to supply what consumers expect from us: top-quality food products that they can trust in. This seamless monitoring system ensures that our egg products are defect-free and of the very best quality and flavour...
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