Phase 1 - Our in-house feed mill
Quality management begins right at the feed-manufacturing stage.

Our feed mill in Engter, on the Mittelland Canal, produces the top-grade, highly-nutritional formulas that ensure the health of our hens and thus the maximum quality of the eggs they lay.

Even before the barges that deliver the raw material are unloaded, samples of each shipment are taken and then tested by our experts in the laboratory to ensure that they are of the specified high quality. Only after these samples have been tested and approved is the shipment unloaded into our 22,000-ton silo storage facility.

The truck fleet at Deutsche Frühstücksei then wastes no time carrying shipments of feed quickly and directly to our hatcheries, breeding facilities and egg production farms. This guarantees to each one of our breeding fowl, chicks, pullets and laying hens exactly the right amount of the correct type of nutritious feed, while ensuring that our hens produce eggs with a full flavour and rich, dark-yellow yolk.