Phase 2 - Own parent stock
We also raise our own parent stock.

We place a special value on the reproductive and living conditions of our parent stock, as they are the key to the quality of our laying hens. We know the importance of finding the world’s best breeding stock as a reliable guarantee of healthy and productive laying hens. This is why we rely only on the best-possible breeding birds that we know – our very own!
For this reason, we always maintain strict conditions of hygiene at the carefully chosen site of our in-house parent-stock facility, and ensure that our breeding programme cannot be influenced by undesired outside strains. After all, healthy breeding birds are the key to healthy chicks and laying hens.
This second phase of the integrated production process naturally also includes constant expert supervision, with a veterinary team on hand to carry out regular inspections and monitor the health of all our livestock. The maintenance of vigorous breeding stock is an essential element where healthy laying hens and high-yield egg production are concerned.