Phase 4 - Our in-house hatchery
Carefully-monitored hatching

Our modern, in-house hatchery is without doubt one of the most important elements in our integrated production cycle.

This is where the fertilised eggs are hatched in incubators, under strict hygienic conditions and exacting veterinary supervision.
Batches of chicks hatch out twice a week, after 21 days in the incubator. The chicks are then examined and treated under sterile conditions by our team of vets who have been specially trained in the breeding and growing of fowl.
Samples are taken by a certified, recognised veterinary laboratory at regular intervals to monitor the production procedures and hygienic conditions at the hatchery, and the results are documented.

For reasons of hygiene, a “one-way” system is in force throughout the hatchery. This ensures that new-laid eggs can never come into contact with hatched chicks, thus ensuring the robust health of the latter.